CD Amplifier With Points Wire

CD Amplifier w/points wire

CD Amplifier Ignition Module - Type 2

This Original Equipment CD Amplifier is the key to proper spark ignition. It replaces the module used in all Tracksters equipped with the original 25 or 29 horse OMC engines. This ignition module is an exact replacement and comes with 3 screw terminal connectors, a male bullet connector and a new points wire (P/N 383533) with a female bullet connector. If you do not plan to replace the points wire, see CD Amp - Type 1

NOTE: The only difference between the CD Amp - Type 1 and CD Amp - Type 2 is the points connector. The CD Amp - Type 1 is the original equipment molded rubber male spade end and the Type 2 is a simpler male bullet connector.

This is one of the highest mortality parts of a Trackster and due to bulk purchasing, we are able to put a new module in your hands for this unbelievably low price.

Installation Time: Approximately 60 minutes

Shipping weight: ~ 1.5 pounds

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