Fuel Tank Pickup Kit

Tank Fuel Pickup Kit

Gas Tank Fuel Pickup Kit
This fuel pickup kit is an identical OEM replacement and supplies all the in-tank hardware for both the original metal tank and the new plastic Trackster gas tanks. Often times, the original fuel tank fittings becomes clogged with rust or varnish - both on the supply side and the fuel return opening. Replace everything with this kit and restore fuel flow to new condition. The hose is flexible enough to move to where the fuel is when driving on non-level surfaces. The fuel pickup has tight mesh to prevent even small particles from entering the supply line and has a check valve to prevent fuel from running back to the tank after the engine is turned off.

This kit includes parts from Parts Manual Page 40, Parts 28, 29 and 30 - Cushman Part Numbers 821396, 821458 & 290446.

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