Torsilastic Spring

Torsilastic Spring

Torsilastic Springs

These rubber composite spring assemblies are the key to proper Trackster track tension. Weak or torn torsilastics are easy to recognize. Usually the Trackster rests at a noticeable slope toward the front or the tracks get loose and jump off the rear bogies during turns, side slopes or heavy use. Also, when torsilastics get weak, the balance of the trackster shifts forward creating uneven ground pressure along the footprint of the track. This results in a reduction in total traction available to the Trackster and operator. These torsilastics are 100% brand new and in stock.

Note: Torsilastics generally require complete replacement in sets of 4 since their age and wear is usually shared across all 4 springs. Orders of complete sets are warranted for 1 year. If necessary, ordering single torsilastics is possible but due to the added load placed on the newest spring being teamed with older springs, purchases of single (less than 4) torsilastics come with no warranty.

Installation Time: Approximately 1.5 hours per side

Shipping weight: ~ 2 pounds

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