Drive Axle Seal Kit (One Side)

Axle Seals

Drive Axle Seal Kit
This drive axle seal kit includes one pair of seals and a gasket. This is enough to repair one leaky drive sprocket axle. Normally, behind each sprocket is a seal cup which houses a single OEM seal that is wider than the ones shown in this kit. The OEM seal is no longer available. Instead, we use a pair of narrow axle seals pressed face-to-face into the seal cup. A trackster needs 2 of these kits to repair both drive sprocket axles.

The most common reason for needing this drive axle seal kit is when transmission oil is noticed leaking from the drive sprocket onto the tracks. The importance of good drive axle seals increases if the Trackster is used in water. Bad seals will also allow water to enter the transmission and contaminate the transmission fluid.

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