Mike's Power Trackster

Added 1/31/2005

I have a Trackster where I am putting an 84 cubic inch Lycoming airplane engine - stationary mounted. I moved the engine to the back and moved the cab forward. It has a new Ford Explorer drive shaft in it. There will be a tunnel from the engine to the transmission. This will be the intake for air but will pull air through the radiator to cool the transmission. I will put a govener on the eng to keep from over-powering the transmission. It will be called the WART HOG. I have to get the controls hooked up - hopefully next week. Here are a couple pictures of what I have done so far. MIKE MARSHALL, COLORADO

Cool idea! I hope Mike keeps us updated with pictures as he makes progress.



Added 10/20/2005

I have it running pretty good, it has 50HP, and 84 cu.inches. It is a Lycoming airplane engine, a stationarny mount. i have a Ford drive shaft in it the drive shaft is in a 8 inch tube that goes from the transmission back to the intake of the eng. The drive shaft is inside the air intake. It has a 12-volt alternator and Subaru Brat seats that are not confortable at all looking for better seats. It runs about 15 miles per hr. I'm afraid to rev the eng. up too fast or I will blow up the hydrostatic drives, it has all the power you need and some. I look all the time [at www.trackster.com] for updates on your web site, keep it up! thanks mike marshall

New Front

Right Front

Right Rear