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NEW!!!! Brand New Bogie Wheels!!!! See Below!!!!

We have been parting out and rebuilding tracksters for several years. We also manufacture certain hard-to-find parts and recondition others. During this time we have been selling brand new, nos, used and reconditioned parts and assemblies. The "short list" of trackster categories listed below is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what's available goes. Not only do we have the parts, but we have many of the special tools needed to make removal and reassembly as easy and as accurate as possible. So, if you need it and you don't see it listed here, contact me and ask.

Trackster Tracks



If your package is shipping anywhere outside of the 48 Continental United States, contact Vintage Trackster for a special services shipping fee before placing an order.


CD Amplifier w/wire
CD Amplifier With Points Wire P/N 383299W $380.00 each
Coil P/N 580883 $58.00 each
Rectifier P/N 580765 $53.00 each
Premium Point Set
Premium Breaker Point Set P/N 580148 $20.00 each

Fuel System

Trackster Gas Cap
Trackster Gas Cap P/N 882540 $45.00 each
Primer P/N 883043 $25.00 each
Fuel Pickup
Fuel Tank Pickup Kit P/N 821396K $25.00 each

Engine Parts

Piston Ring Set, STD
Piston Ring Set STD P/N 162279 $30.00 set
Flywheel Seal
Flywheel Seal P/N 113517 $32.00 each
25 HP PTO Seal
25 HP PTO Seal P/N 113517 $32.00 each
29 HP PTO Seal
29 HP PTO Seal P/N113951 $34.00 each

Suspension Parts

Shear Mount Assembly
Shearmount W/2 SS nuts and washer P/N 821400 $16.00 each
Torsilastic Spring
One Torsilastic Spring P/N 882007 $98.00 each
Bogie Bearing Set
Bogie Bearing Set P/N 820675 $33.00 each
Bogie Bearing Seal
Bogie Bearing Seal P/N 820719 $4.00 each
Drive Axle Seal Kit
Drive Axle Seal Kit P/N 882286 $55.00 per kit

Bogie Wheels

Bogie Wheel, Plain Aluminum
Bogie Wheel, Plain Aluminum, 4 or Fewer P/N 820671 $38.00 each
Bogie Wheel, Plain Aluminum
Bogie Wheel, Plain Aluminum, 5 or More P/N 820671 $32.00 each
Bogie Wheel, Steel Clad
Bogie Wheel, Steel Clad P/N 882156 $55.00 each