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Working on a Trackster can be much easier with the right tools. We supply the standard Cushman tools as described in the service manual as well as tools that were designed from necessity after years of Trackster service. Many are manufactured specifically for us from designs perfected right here at Vintage Trackster.

Press Tools, Set of 4
Press Tools P/N PTSet $310.00 per Set of 4 Tools
Bogie Wheel Support Plate
Bogie Wheel Support Plate P/N 821730 $105.00 each
Bearing and Seal Tool
Bearing and Seal Tool P/N 821732 $85.00 each
Bearing Seal and Wheel Support Plate
Bearing Seal and Wheel Support Plate P/N 821731 $120.00 each
Shaft Driver with Handle
Shaft Driver with Handle P/N 988733 $25.00 each

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